I started writing poetry many years ago and the intention was always to publish a book.

However, 80's South Africa was an extremely challenging environment for publishing in general, and especially for poetry. Like many poets I gave readings whenever I was asked, and I still have many fond memories of readings given throughout South Africa.

I produced a demo version of a book with most of the poems I had written up to then. A friend of mine was so taken with it that she sent it to a friend of hers in New Zealand without my permission. I often wonder what happened to it.

The internet has made digital publishing relatively easy and so I have decided - at last - to publish some of my work on the web.

Like all artists I have my own style, which I am sure you will become familiar with as you read through my work.

I love well crafted poems that often appear simple on the surface but hide a far more complex meaning. Percy Bysshe Shelley's famous Ozymandias is a good example of this type of poetry.

The poem of mine that probably epitomises this the most is The Traveller, which on the surface is simple, but I have always thought of it as a type of Zen poem.

Thank you for showing interest in my poetry and visiting my site.

I hope you enjoy yourself while you are my guest.