We do not share the fears of others,

       Even tho’ our lives now near their ends,

For we are not as normal men,

       This haughty, happy band of friends.

And when the cracking ice its thunder rings,

       And even the great courage in our hearts begins to cower,

We still stand firm to who we are,

       And embrace the challenge of this coming hour.

And our peers will read with jealous pride

       Of how it was we conquered fear,

And deep within they too will yearn

       And be ashamed they were not here.

For we have ventured far beyond

       Where man before had never trod,

And we have climbed our inner fears

       And touched the very face of God!

So what is fear to men like us,

       No matter where the great divide our psyche sends,

For we are not now as we were before,

       This haughty, happy band of friends.