People say the economy’s shot & it’s all our fault,

       But that’s completely & utterly all untrue.

Ask Mr. Zuma, he’ll tell you too,

       It’s all as a result of that damn foreign overseas Wall Street flu.

There’s someone else in this land who’s up to no good,

       And I’ll take you a bet, as like as not,

It’s a neo-democratic pro-fascist

       Right-wing plot.

People mustn’t question

       The things that we do,

‘Cause everything we do,

       We do for you!

We have replaced the old apartheid racist regime,

       With our own affirmative action A.N.C. scheme.

We are the ones who now drive in big cars,

       And hide all our money from the fingers of S.A.R.S.

I tell you Madame Speaker, and I speak not in jest,

       When I say that we learnt to steal from the best,

But we have long surpassed the old regime,

       And owning piles of gold is now our new dream.

Who do these Economic Freedom Fighters think they are?

       By turning against us they have gone just too far.

We’ll give them a beating ‘till they scream & screech,

       And teach our new meaning of the freedom of speech.