Met a girl the other day,

       Said she had it all together,

An’ she could take it,

       Come sunshine or stormy weather.

An’ she told me

       She had it all,

From a new Mercedes

       To a car park outside The Mall.

An’ R10 000 of creams

       To fight any frown,

An’ a Calvin Klein sequined,

       Hand stitched evening gown.

And a psychologist for her dog,

       Who’s highly strung

And a life-saver lover,

       Who’s very well hung.

She says while she’s young

       Her life’s for the living,

So she’ll just take,

       And to hell with the giving.

All she wants to do

       Is party through life,

An’ she’ll never marry

       And be somebody’s wife,

‘Cause love, she says,

       Is a four letter word,

An’ it won’t tie her down,

       ‘Cause she’s free as a bird.

An’ she thinks nothing’s out there,

       When we die we just go,

An’ I look kind of cute,

       What about a quick . . . ya know?

But she’s got her morals,

       An’ she won’t just screw,

Unless he’s got money,

       In which case it’s true.

An’ she says she’s happy,

       ‘Though she cheats all the time,

She’s got it down to such a fine art,

       It’s almost sublime.

And she picks up her cell’,

       ‘Cause her lover’s just rung,

And did I know he’s a surfer,

       Whose very well hung?