I live in a village that’s high on a hill

       And they call it the town of Rhye,

While all around the bright waters glitter

       As far as the eagles fly.


And all around the sea comes lashing

       And the breakers come crashing round,

And late at night when you lie in bed

       You can hear that surging sound.


And the village has stood for a thousand years,

       Some say it’s as old as the sky,

And the boys are born to work the rigging

       And sail on the seas of Rhye.


But when I was young I longed for the city

       And the joy that the lights could bring,

For the town was small and nothing ever changed

       ‘Cept the cry the seagulls sing.


So early in the morning with mist in the valley

       I left to seek my fame,

And spared no thought for the tears of my mother

       Or the times she would call my name.


And years I spent ‘neath the city’s walls

       As I tried to stake my claim,

And the things I did I cannot say

       For the words would bring me shame.


‘Til early one morning with mist in the valley

       I left to find my home,

Tired of the city where nothing ever changed

       And the people are so alone.


And here I’ll stay ‘til my days are done

       And bathe in the flying foam,

And laugh at the city where the people are dead

       And only their bodies roam.


For my soul is free and my heart is light

       And soars like an eagle’s cry,

And I long for the dawn of a mist free morn’

       To sail on the seas of Rhye.