When I was young I never knew

Just how sad a love could be,

Or how one day I’d shed my tears

Upon the cliffs of Inverleigh.

They say that only lovers

       Know the raging of the heart,

Or feel the lightning bolts of pain,

       When the time has come to part,

And so I keep my thoughts of you

       Where no one else can see,

And think of all the times we had

       Upon the cliffs of Inverleigh.

The happy coast now looks so sad,

       From here upon the hill,

Just as my once fast beating heart

       Is now so sad and still,

And how I wish your ghosts would go

       And my heart could then be free,

And spare my soul from raining tears

       Upon the cliffs of Inverleigh.

Yet I know I can’t escape,

       The hard cold voice of memory,

For as long as you draw from the air,

       My heart will not be free,

And every day when the sun sets low

       I’ll gaze upon the sea,

And hope you think of a lonely man

            On the cliffs of Inverleigh.