Farewell to Blairgowrie,

       Farewell I must sail,

‘Neath a sky that is amber,

       On a sea that is pale.

And the tears that I shed

       Is ‘cause no one is there,

To stand on the quayside

       My sorrow to share.

And the memories they haunt me

       And force me to leave,

And think of my one love

       And the sorrow I grieve.

For they say when the wind blows

       And the grassland is swept,

You will search within your heart

       Where your old love is kept.

But all that I find there

       Is tatters and pain,

And the love that may lie there

       Is sunk in the rain.

And the mountains they mock me

       With the echoes they send,

For the paths I have trodden

       Have brought me no end.

And the mist from the Highlands

       Fits tight like a glove,

While down from the woodlands

       Floats the song of the dove.